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Dermalogica Clear Start Matte Moisturizer| Sassy Find


One of my Facebook friends got me hooked on Ipsy.  It was the perfect subscription for someone like me who never had makeup guidance. My mother taught me nothing, she simply freed me and wished me well – when it came to makeup that is. I’ve been hooked on Ipsy for over a year, falling deeper in love each month with no shame whatsoever.

Ipsy has given me a deeper appreciation for beauty products. Before Ipsy, I simply used pear soap out of the drug store and whatever my mother had for moisturizer. But now, my face has a thirst for something that appreciates its quirks and deals with it exactly where it is.

Let me say for the record, sometimes Ipsy sends me things not made for the black in me, but they never go wrong with the skin products. When I first used it, it tingled on my skin, all day – it did not play well with a makeup brand I used but like a bad kid, I tried again.

I’m happy to report that I absolutely love Clear Start. I have oily skin and it gets worse with the weather in The Bahamas but this product clears the excess oil and decreases the oil buildup, making me a very happy person. An added bonus is the “broad spectrum sunscreen” included in the product itself. I tend to leave the house one shade only to return two shades darker, this has been the story of my summer. But with Clear Start, I stay the same shade, the entire day.

Oh, it also gives me the “matte” look that is advertised in the title. Nevermind that it’s clear this product was meant to be used in conjunction with another, it does the trick wonderfully.


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