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Why are women opting out of marriage? Two reasons I believe; one being; women have finally evolved from the utopia of what they think the perfect man and husband should be. There was once a time women were taught to find a husband and train to be nothing else but a housewife. To cook, clean, sew, breed and watch over the house while the men would return home from work and bring home the bacon.

Well over the past 50/60 years or so women have had to take on roles of men. Getting a job or two to make ends meet, cutting the grass, taking out the trash and every other chore that a woman would usually set aside for a man to do. Personally after listening to horror story after horror story of what a miserable life my married peers lead because they’ve either gotten married too early, put their dreams on hold, got married for the wrong reasons or just grown plain sick of each other I often wonder…is it all it’s cracked up to be?

For most women having the white dress experience and heading down the aisle to the altar was the ultimate goal past the boyfriend/girlfriend stage but there is a new trend developing that further places women in a position where they say screw having a husband; let go of titles and just be in your relationship. Celebrities are more lately going the less traditional route when it comes to marriage. They skip the huge service and elope in an old white dress they haven’t worn in a while at the back of their closet and opt out of changing their last name, men are taking women last name. Take the beloved Oprah Winfrey, who has reached the pinnacle of success yet refuses to marry Stedman Graham and they have both accepted that and are happy in their title-less arrangement. But this epidemic begs a question; are women too independent? Are women too in control and accustomed to their new-found role and does it on some level intimidate a man willing to play his role as a man and husband in your life?

Secondly, the feminist movement has eliminated the role of the man in today’s society.
Ladies we deserve a round of applause because let’s be honest; we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. We can vote and do a great deal of things we weren’t allowed to do or even dream of doing at a time. Bravo! Anything he can do we can better right? So why do we need him anyway? The feminist movement brought about change but in a lot of ways it has also broke the mentality of a traditional home. We now have proud women who delight in being the King and Queen of the castle raising a family without a man in the household. But why?

Why is the importance of the male role diminishing in today’s society? It’s because some men either refuse to man up or choose to disappear when they aren’t prepared to take on responsibility. Or as I put it make themselves presently unknown; this is why many women have comforted a sad child or vocalized this statement loud enough for their child to hear, “I am both mom and dad” because they’ve grown weary of making excuses for dad that isn’t there.

I think that today’s women are now more comfortable not having the title of “wife” because of experiences with a man that may have scarred them or having to comfort a friend because she constantly has a back and forth battle with a no good man or simply devoted themselves to a career and a life not having to deal with the responsibility of a commitment.


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  • Reply SynSyn

    Great article you touched on some very valid points.Alot of women today have taken on the roles that were once considered ” a man’s job”.However many times this is done out necessity and not a genuine desire to actually diminish the importance or significance of a having a man around.I like that you touched on the feminist movement and the effect it has on traditional gender roles in todays society.Maybe your next article could be from a masculine perspective….That would be pretty interesting to read lol!!! Loved the article keep up the good work!!

    February 3, 2016 at 9:00 pm
  • Reply Charliese

    Wow! This article kept me engaged. I wanted to read more. The writer hit on two major points and knocked it out of the ball park. Although it is God’s intension for man an woman to marry, sometimes to don’t always work out that way and women have come to be comfortable with just that. I think women are now finding happiness within.
    Excellent writing Ginger!

    February 3, 2016 at 11:01 pm
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