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It was so heartbreaking this week to watch a clip from NB 12 in the Bahamas as a black high school principal stood trying to defend her statements to one of her students that her natural hair work in a puff looked unkempt, untidy and was not appropriate for school!

Skip to 11:00 to view interview.

To add insult to injury, the principal tried to justify her ridiculous statements that she is trying to prepare her students for the job market. As a black professional woman with natural hair I was livid that such an anti-black, Eurocentric system comment could be made. I was even more livid to realize that this message was being given to our children that what is natural and beautiful and wonderful about them wasn’t good enough!

I went completely natural in 2010 and during that time I went on many interviews rocking my puff. I was hired on the spot for multiple jobs with said puff. Currently I am an electrical engineer at a nuclear power plant interviewed by and hired by a white man and woman with my puff. Their concern wasn’t my hair but rather my abilities to be an asset to their organization with what I had going on underneath that puff. Furthermore, people of all ethnicities ask me to touch my hair and express how they wish their hair was like mine!

With all of this in mind I decided to reach out to all of the natural, successful, professional women on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds to post pictures of themselves with the hashtags #blackhairisprofessional hashtagging their occupation to stand together and show our children that natural women are rocking puffs, locks or curly styles around the world, working hard and being bosses in their field! The response has been amazing! Natural women all over have been posting pictures of themselves! From nurses, to teachers, to police officers, engineers, lawyers, professors, journalists, entrepreneurs, doctors and moms! Here are just a few of my favorite photos!!!




Tourism and Environment Consultant


Radio Personality



Mental Health Therapist


Computer Support Technician


Journalist & Entrepreneur






Health Care Professional




Administrative Assistant

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