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Have A Stress-Free Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is usually the most stressful day of the year for couples. Women desire to show off to their friends and co-workers how much they’re loved and men just want to know they were considered. It’s stressful.

Relationship experts, Linda Nusbaum, Cedric Nelms and Trevor Johnson better known as Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick says it’s time to do something a little different on Valentine’s.

Linda, a licensed marriage and family counsellor states, “There is a palpable pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day; there is a sense of urgency to create the perfect day.”

While they aren’t advising couples to cut Valentine’s Day completely, they’ve offered a few tips to make the day a little less stressful for both sides.

1. Forget the roses and do something that fits your partner’s interests. A day at a museum, an amusement park, a ballpark or a day at home bingeing on your partner’s favorite TV shows, can be a more meaningful gesture.

2. Let the love between you and your mate have an impact on someone who doesn’t have anyone special in his or her life. Spend time with a sick friend or a senior citizen who is widowed or lonely.

3. Instead of a card, write a letter to your loved one expressing your feelings.

4. Use Valentine’s Day as a “start over.” If you are struggling in your relationship, make a plan to start to repair it. It won’t happen in a single day. Just start talking about what you both need and want.

5. Do not see Valentine’s Day as a competition with your partner. The one who spends the most doesn’t win. Let your partner know you value their everyday contributions. If your spouse does most of the cooking, you do it instead on Valentine’s Day.


Take a minute and relax! If he/she doesn’t feel the love everyday, Valentine’s won’t fix it. It should be an addition not a replacement. Just saying.

Check out Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick on YouTube!

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