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How To Do The Holidays In Style – My Party Outfit Rules

It’s that time of year again – the “I’ve gone into hibernation mode, yet I now need to fit into my size x dress to go to that massive party, that everyone is going to be at… oh, good!

When I started to write this piece, I did my usual pre-article digging. What I found was interesting – some of the articles on “rules for dressing for holiday parties” were hilarious. You could tell that half of these articles were complete and utter nonsense, hack jobs tossed out to meet a deadline.

“Don’t wear black.”

“Don’t wear red lips this season – only hot pink.”

“Keeping your jacket on is this year’s new power move.” – Huh? Why… I don’t want to walk around sweating, trying to pretend I have somewhere else to be, when I’ve clearly been eyeing up the food since I got here… I’m going to be by the food… let’s just be honest here people.


So, after reading some of these hilarious articles, I decided to ask some of my very chic friends for their hot advice for party outfit rules. I was received with confused looks.

“Wear clothes… don’t go naked?”

“Stay somewhat covered up… but don’t look like a prude.”

So I asked about clothing colour:

“Any colour? I don’t get it… just pick an outfit, don’t be naked, and don’t wear clashing colours.”

All good advice.

So I thought about my past party adventures and here is what I came up with.

I decided that my #1 Dressing for a fab party rule would have to be:

Wear something chic, gorgeous – yet comfortable! Give yourself a little wiggle room, or a lot, depending. We all want to look stunning, but if you know you are going to be snacking and drinking, it’s best to wear something with a little give.

This way you won’t be uncomfortable, and also the outfit you wore to the party has more of a chance of looking the same on you after being at the party for a couple of hours (If you are a spilly talker, this does not apply to you).

So, my rules for party dressing this season?  Pretty easy!


  1. Wear something you are comfortable in. I am not saying go sloppy or “jogging pants chic” – but don’t go in a skin-tight, leather onesie and expect to be good to go for the whole night, when you know full well you can’t even lift your glass to your mouth in that outfit!

giphy (1)

2.  This rule also applies to shoes ­– Yes, those 6-inch heels are to die for, but if you look like a calf that was born ten minutes ago trying to walk in them? Ditch ‘em.

giphy (2)

3. Wearing black is FINE – go for it girl! Black is the new black (see what I did there?). Black is great, it is slimming, and when you spill or sweat, or whatever it may be, it’s got you covered. Black is an excellent cover-up colour.

giphy (3)4.  Match your tights to your outfit – you don’t have to just wear black or nude tights anymore, but whatever colour you choose, just match it to the colour scheme of your outfit.

5. Be aware of your audience – Yes, that new dress you bought is sexy as hell, but maybe little Sally’s “Santa’s Coming Soon” party is not the place for it – Just sayin’s all.

giphy (4)6. Don’t wear something just because you specifically bought it for that occasion – In saying this I mean, if you bought this wicked dress for Tim’s party, but on that night, said dress just doesn’t look quite how you wanted it to, and you are getting all pissy about it? Don’t wear it. Simple. Save it for another occasion, and pick something you feel confident in.

giphy (5)

7. Do you! I’ve realized this year while living in the city that essentially everything is back in style. Every era, every colour, every thing. From ultra chic to purple cat sweaters – no one seems to care that much anymore. If it looks like you found it in a box in your Aunt’s attic, even better – so retro! (LOL)

It’s all about creative expression, and what you feel best expresses who you are and your style.

So basically, do you! Wear what makes you happy. Whatever you feel confident and comfortable in, that is the way to go!


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