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Eyebrows 101


Finally, someone is here to debu201412_2321_ccggd_smnk and  explain what these damn things are, and how to get them looking like you can let them out of the house.

Eyebrows have been a force of nature since Eygyptian kings and queens used lead and crushed beetles to draw them on.  We, thank goodness, are a bit more lucky……dead bugs on the face…….mmmmm no.  But, there is a lot of confusion among us ladies (and some men) as to shaping and enhancing our eyebrows.  Some of the most common questions I get asked are:

  1. The nail lady made them too thin, how can I grow them back?
  2. How do I use this eyebrow thingy? (pencil, cream, powder)
  3. Can you make my eyebrows look like yours?

I am going to answer all three of these questions below……you ready?  Good.


  1. The nail lady made them too thin, how can I grow them back?

OK.  Please, STOP gdirty wax potoing to the nail lady (unless she is ah-maaaazing) for your brow shaping!!!  Paying $5.00 or less for them to use that dirty wax pot, that has probably been double dipped into for lips, ears, and who knows what else…..eeeeew.  Finding a properly qualified esthetician, or brow specialist like me, may be a little more pricey, but you will walk out satisfied.

If it is your first time waxing, hair will start to grow back within about 2 weeks or less.  If you are not a newbie, and have been waxing for a while, it is going to take much longer.  But here are my suggestions to help speed the process up….somewhat.

Castor Oil: An amazing hair strengthener.  It is anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.  But, a special kind of acid that is found naturally within it, strengthens and boosts the keratin in hair, causing it to grow.  Apply a small amount directly to brows, and leave overnight at least twice a week.  It will take at least a month to see results, but you WILL see results.  And NO chemical side effects.  Product Suggestion: Jamaican Black Castor Oilcastor oil

Brow Growth Serums:  Usually sold online, or in spas/salons.  They boost keratin and other hair growth functions and come in pen or mascara form.  Like castor oil, they usually should be applied a few times a week, but results are not always guaranteed.  Product suggestions: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serumbrow serum

Prescriptions: Ugh…..I never like suggesting these for the re-growth of eyebrows.  They can only be prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist.  Use of these will not guarantee regrowth of hair where it is applied, and some will stop working if you stop using them.  In other words, you may grow a mustache on your lip instead, and hair may stop growing back if use is halted.  Not to mention other health related side effects.  Product suggestions: Latisse or Rogaine


2. How do I use this eyebrow thingy? (pencil, cream, powder)TopFiveBrows

All three of the products are to be used the same way, to enhance what you already have.

Pencils are the easiest and are great for beginners.  But, you should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use a black brow pencil.  There are colors for everyone from blonde, to redhead to dark.  But all can use a brown brow pencil to fill in eyebrows.

Creams are thicker in texture and dry quickly.  You will need an angled brush to apply properly.  The result can sometimes be a little dark depending on application, so use sparingly.

Powders like eyeshadow or brow powders can be used in the same way as a pencil.  You will need a stiff angled brush to apply.

Using small eyebrow hairlike strokes, fill in just the sparse areas.  Do not bring the tail past the outer corner of your eye.  Then with an eyebrow brush or  spoolie (clean mascara wand) brush the product through your brows to evenly distribute.  Using a foundation or concealer the same color as your skin tone, clean up the shape to your satifaction and blend with brush, or my fave, fingers.

monroe brows

3. Can you make my eyebrows look like yours?

Unfortunately, nope.  My brows are shaped according to my face shape, and filled in according to how I like to fill them.  All eyebrows are not the same.  When you come to a professional to get your brows did…lol…they should take measurements, and mark the front, the arch and the tail for proper shaping.  These points vary from face to face, so please do not come with a picture of so and so’s brows and ask to look like that.

Hope this helps!  YAAAAAAAAAAAS! *Throws glittah!


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