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Exclusive Q&A With Creator of Who U Wearing Fashion Blog


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Karen Cabrera

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new fashion blog in town. Who U Wearing debuts on Sept.15, 2015 and it’s a clash of minimal and classic for an eclectic look book.

We sat down with Karen Cabrera, the photographer and journalist behind the brand for an exclusive Q&A on her new blog, personal style and much more. Continue reading for the 411.

Suburban Sassy (SS): Who is Karen Cabrera and why should people visit your blog?
Karen Cabrera (KC): I’m a photographer, journalist and fashion lover. I got started with photography five years ago. I started doing head-shots and weddings and around the same time I started getting into film and television. I always had a passion for the arts and specifically, for television. Initially, I wanted to act, but then I enrolled in Journalism School and it opened my eyes to the many branches of journalism.

Before I entered grad school, I had my heart set on TV hosting and doing something in that realm. I don’t know if that’s where I’ll end up because I am drawn to taking photos – that’s where I really lose myself. So photo blogging is right up my alley.

People should visit my blog because I want to showcase what people are wearing and show that there are so many other brands/start-up brands that are all so unique and trendy.

SS: Tell us a little about Who U Wearing,
KC: It’s a look book about designers and brands; startups or already established brands. Basically, I want to know what people are wearing and I want to share that. I’m curious about who is making a splash as a designer in the fashion industry in Toronto as well as in other cities across the globe.

SS: What sort of content should readers expect?
KC: It’s going to be photo based. For example, a post will be a few photos of an outfit, a short writeup and a linked photo on Instagram. Eventually, I would like to include short interviews with fashion models and/or designers.

SS: How will you find models or fashion startups?
KC: A lot of it will be through networking and casting on Model Mayhem and Facebook.

SS: What inspired you to create a fashion blog?
KC:  I’ve always been into creating art more so than fashion. Just recently, in the last few years I’ve gotten more into fashion. A lot of it had to do with IG and just seeing what different people were wearing or what different bloggers were doing. That really started to inspire me and also I’ll confess, I have a little bit of a shopping addiction. I love clothes and I love to dress up and that is all tied up into it.

SS: How will you decide who to photograph and which styles to follow?
KC: It depends on the look I’m going for. Sometimes I’ll be looking for a high fashion post, sometimes I’ll be looking for a street style kind of look. It will depend on the designers, models, and stylists as well – I want to give them as much creative power as possible.


SS: How would you describe your personal style?
KC: It’s kind of changed within the last couple years. It’s more of a minimalist look, a lot of black and white, more neutral colours or earth tones. Very simple.

SS: What do you think are some upcoming fashion trends?
KC: The 70s are back. Dungarees, wider legs and culottes. Plaid. Knits. Statement earrings. Boho silhouettes. Colour blocking. Flares are in right now. Sheer black tights are coming back as well.

SS: Favorite fashion store in Toronto?
KC: If I had to look at my closest, my closest is heavily Aritzia. Lately, I’ve been following a lot of stuff Oak and Fort has been doing and ASOS.

SS: How should models or fashion startups find you?
KC: They can find me on Instagram as whouwearing and Facebook as Karen Cabrera. They can also find me on Model Mayhem.

SS: Any final words?
KC: I want to highlight startup designers and give them a platform (an extra platform) to be viewed on.

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