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Dell’s Naturals – Beard Salve

the salve
Epic-beardmen everywhere understand the struggle of fancying-up that chin chinchilla. For us hair-follicle deficient men, it’s all we have (sigh emoji)!
Pull it to the side ladies. You aren’t the only ones who suffer finding suitable hair products at the right price.

For all intents and purposes, a comb and a razor or hair trimmer might seem sufficient weapons in the war against kinky beardedness and frizz face. But, chemical products can be just as important.

I test-drove some African leave-in conditioner once, it gave my face fuzz the constant aroma of my girlfriend’s bathroom after wash day. As much as I love that scent, to carry a cloud of it with me all day was a little distracting (I thought about you every second of my life for two months babe).
Cue Dell’s Naturals. If you’re in the Bahamas and your face carpet is in need of some TLC (Tangle Loosening Cream) and some love, this natural products company comes to the rescue with its hair and beard salve. The Salve is made of Shea, Mango, Kokum Butters, Coconut, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Beeswax and Essential Oils. If you know what all those things are, then you might have an idea of the chemistry experiment you’re about to put your beloved beard through. But, if you don’t, I’ll try to insert it’s experience into your mind, like that tracking device in Arnold’s nose in Total Recall.

Finding out what’s up with that Dell’s (Courtesy of

The Salve is very perfumey (not a word, but works in context). If you are not a man who likes the strong scent of cologne, this might not be the salve for you – you didn’t even know you needed salve. The salve leaves a slight sheen on the beard, softening it in the process. No more tears from tangled combs.
The product, a gooey beige substance, moves from a liquid to a solid seemingly at will – like your Saturday morning grits – likely due to its natural nature and changes in temperature. That shape-shifting can get a bit dodgy because the salve spreads more evenly if it’s in a semi-solid state. The liquid stuff just gets everywhere.
The product has little chunks of natural goodness floating around in it. You can choose to leave it in your lip bib or pick out – all up to you and your grooming standards. I pick it out because my job doesn’t allow earrings, jeans and coconut chunked beards.
In my book, the Dell’s Naturals Beard Salve gets one thumb up and a sideways thumb – which is the thumb the semi-solid gook is currently dripping off.

Let’s keep those beards soft, shiny and smelling nice gents, and show these bare-faced boys how beardmen do.

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