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6 Reasons Why Online Dating Has Ruined Dating

This is in response to Blavity’s article, 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Online Dating App.


Before I met my boyfriend, I was an online dating wiz. I had recently relocated to a new city and outside my colleagues and classmates, I virtually knew no one. It was a way to meet new people while exploring the city.

I was a dedicated member of POF and Badoo but I had experimented with Tinder, Match, E-Cupid, Black People Meet and many more. I did say I was a wiz. I met and dated some amazing men that I still talk to every now and again but that doesn’t mean I endorse online dating.

  1. Online Dating is the lazy way to date. It taps into the shallow part of us and tugs at the desire called lust and ruins us. How many of us will realistically give a person that isn’t physically appealing a chance? None, but what if that guy treated you like the queen and was everything you looked for in a man?
    giphy (2)
  2. It allows you to build a perfect person physically until you meet them and they’re awful.

    giphy (1)
  3. Have you guys heard of Catfish? It’s real! People are not what they show on their profiles. Some people use photos of themselves from 10 years ago and when you meet, they look nothing like their pictures, Some people grow into looks and some people look like what the hell happened? Then you’re stuck on a date with them with no way out.
  4. In most cases, people are looking for hookups. I had a period that every non-European man I went out with had dreams of sleeping with black girls to fulfill their fantasy. It was disgusting.
    giphy (3)
  5. You don’t know who you’re dating. Ashley Madison is a website dedicated for affairs but other websites have married men under the disguise of single men preying on unsuspecting women. You never know what you could be walking into, date at your own risk.
    giphy (4)
  6. Trash in, trash out. That’s my explanation for dating websites claims of matching. Nothing is being calculated, you’re not being set up with persons you’d match with. You’re just being set up, period. The only dating company that correctly matches people is It’s Just Lunch, they’re costly but your happiness is worth it.
    giphy (6)

But then again, this is only my opinion. You can read this and download POF for the heck of it. So happy dating!

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