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10 Questions With Randell Haynes, Owner of Dell’s Naturals

After struggling to find hair products which suited her natural hair, Randell Haynes decided to change her situation by creating her own natural body line.

Most natural haired women struggle with finding the perfect product that doesn’t shrink, leave flakes or isn’t too heavy on their pockets. While no product is created equally, it’s a blessing to find a product that takes care of your needs without breaking your pockets and once which can possibly be used on your skin. Talk about a double win and gold mine!

Suburban Sassy caught up with Randell and she spilled the beans about her business, inspiration and future plans.

Suburban Sassy (SS): Randell tell us a little about yourself.
Randell Haynes (RH): I’m Randell. I’m a very hands-on person, I love figuring out things on my own and making things on my own. Soap making is my own little creative bubble.

SS: When did you first become interested in beauty products?
RH: I feel we all become interested in beauty products when you’re aware of your mama fixing your hair or watching your mother, grammy or auntie fixing themselves up. You just get curious of why she’s putting that on her hair or on her face and curious as to what that sweet smell is.

SS: What inspired you to create Dell’s Naturals?
RH: Not finding exactly what I wanted for my hair inspired me to create things for myself. Being natural, it’s a treasure hunt to find the right products suited for your hair and I grew tired of the quest. So I went back to basics and started researching ingredients suited for my hair texture. Then it went on to skin.

Coco Coffee Soap

chamomile honey soap

SS: What was the first product you made?
RH: First product I made was whipped Shea butter.

SS: Your products are all natural, how did you go about selecting them?
RH: I research a lot. Google, Youtube, Pinterest, soaping groups and asking around about what’s good for skin and hair.

SS: Which products do you currently specialize in? Will you be adding more in the future?
RH: The products I currently make are soaps, whipped shea butter for hair, beard and hair balms for men, lip balms and face scrubs. Yes, I dabble a little with lotions and other hair stuff for hold and shine also bath bombs and maybe candles so they will soon be added as well.

SS: How do you decide which products to make?
RH: However the wind moves me that day.

SS: When you have a request for a product, what does a typical day consist of?
RH: I see what my work schedule looks like, when I have time because I do work a shift job that’s highly demanding. I find time when I’m not totally exhausted and get it done in a timely fashion.

SS: Have you had the moment yet where you realize your products are a success? What did it feel like?
RH: Yes and no. People love my stuff but it still hasn’t hit me yet. I know it’s good because I use it on me first. I ain’t selling nothing (products) to nobody that I don’t like. I don’t have “ahhh” moments. If you like it cool, if you don’t let me know. I think that’s the moment I’m looking for, tell me why you don’t like my stuff so I can fix whatever it is and make you change your mind. But my mind is forever ticking to have and to keep that close to perfection product.

SS: What is your number one goal for Dell’s Naturals?
RH: I really want to get in the hotels as Dell’s guests soaps and in the grocery stores. I want to get my stuff out there locally and eventually internationally.

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