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The Balancing Act: 4 Ways to Balance Professional and Personal Life


Working nine to five, building a personal brand, partnering for additional sources of income, attending graduate school and most importantly being a super mom to my amazing four year old; this thing called life is at most times, overwhelming!

Be that as it may, I can’t see myself doing life any other way.  The joy of working with purpose toward particular goals while nurturing and providing guidance, love and companionship to my kid makes life that much more perfect.

Do not get me wrong, while the balancing act is definitely rewarding, to say its not draining would be inaccurate. The bloggers whose lives seem perfect on Instagram with their well-dressed kids, perfect make up and timely posts, are not real! Being super mom is difficult and it takes work, lots of it! Here are some tips on how I balance the juggling act as business professional and mother:

  • Prioritize: Simply put, there are things that are more important than others. Create a list of priorities frequently to determine what’s most important and carry out tasks appropriately. Some people/things will not make the list!
  • Say no: This is the most difficult one for me because I want to do it all! But like mama always said, a jack of all trades is usually a master of none. If you are too busy doing too much, often times your purpose and goals are lost in translation. Just say no!
  • Self-preservation: Whether it’s rest, healthy eating, regular exercise or meditation, take time out to ensure that your mind, body and soul are all well balanced and are in line for top performance. Side note: you don’t want to see me tired. #beast
  • Have a purpose: Failure to plan results in confusion. If there is no goal, where are you going and what are you working towards? At the beginning of any project, task or assignment, ensure there is a clear goal and plan for what it is you are doing and how it will impact not only your life but the life of your family. This is particularly important for me; with a young daughter, to know what I am doing and why is something that is necessary, considering the time it would take away from my home life. Always enjoy the process: whether it is throwing the best princess party to launching your new business; enjoy each step, every moment, and every challenge. See the beauty in the now.

What’s most important to remember in all of life’s busyness is who you are, what you want and who your decisions affect. With this in mind, the balancing life or motherhood, work and all that’s in between will be a little less strenuous and more purposeful! Life is for living. As a mother I want to live my best life while guiding my daughter into her purpose but enjoying each moment every step of the way. Living in the now with clear purpose does this!


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