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Memphis BBQ & Wicked Wings


I’ve admittedly been wandering, exploring and looking for a new adventure. I returned back to my home in Etobicoke after 10 months on the road of working. Whereas I don’t regret the work, I regret not fully giving myself a chance to appreciate the west end of Toronto like I had intentions to.

The West End or the New Toronto is apparently the prime area for young professionals, it’s rumored to have so much potential but I missed the opportunity to feel it or even live it. An opportunity where I’m not even sure whether I feel relieved or a bit disappointed. Whichever emotion is really rumbling in me, I used it to fuel an adventure into the unknown which is anything outside the GTA but still outside Toronto.

My friend, Leonard recently moved to Woodbridge and he’s in love with it.  When he picked me up from the airport, unfortunately he didn’t gush about how much he missed me.  Instead he went on about the hidden gems in Woodbridge, the restaurants which most people wouldn’t look twice at and the peacefulness he gets when he knows he’s away from Toronto.

I have a slight confession, I’m a bit of a foodie but not an obsessive one! Being a journalist, I’m always on the clock in my mind, I’m always on the hunt for new restaurants, new trends or anything that I find amazingly cool to share with the world. So when he began mentioning the little restaurants that he fell in love with, I became interested.

According to Leonard, one day he was driving through Woodbridge as he normally would when something caught his attention, he smelled barbecue and it was one of the best things he had ever smelled. So naturally he stopped, who wouldn’t? In short, the food was amazing, the meat was so tender it was falling off the bones and it blew his mind.

If Leonard had such raving reviews,  I had to try it.

Memphis BBQ

I’m a bit of a picky eater, like most women I never know what I want to eat but I can tell you what I don’t want. I’ve never craved BBQ it was always something I ate just because. Yet I was drawn in by the small building hidden in plain sight, the full parking lot and the smell that was just as described.

Inside looks like a neighborhood takeaway – nothing spectacular but lots of people. Straight ahead there is a narrow space with six tables with space for four people each. We were lucky enough to get a seat because this place was crowded. As usual I didn’t know what to order so I kept it simple with a Mini Combo. Which was described perfectly for indecisive eaters, like myself.

BBQ, Corn Bread, Fries, Cole Slaw and Beans are the making of a good meal and Memphis BBQ did not disappoint.

Mini Combo $18

Mini Combo $18

The ribs are great, they were obviously in a hurry to get off the bone as they fell off immediately. The meat was tender, juicy and delicious. It was just enough soft and just enough crispy to leave you in awe.

The Wicked Wings are in actuality, just wings. They did the job but the whole time I regretted not ordering more ribs. But the fries, OH THE FRIES made up for any side thoughts I may have had while eating the wings. I hope my trainer isn’t reading this but the fries are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft enough to dare you to eat them all. I took the dare, lost and now I have two meals out of one.

Memphis BBQ & Wicked Wings. 8074 Islington Avenue
(905) 265-9003




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