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Why Cecil the Lion Death Angers Me

Why the death of Cecil angers me...

If you’re looking for a pro animal post, this is not it.

Cecil, the lion lived in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park until he was killed in early July by American dentist, Walter James Palmer. Palmer, lured him out of the park, shot him with a crossbow then tracked him for more than 40 hours before eventually killing him. While it seems like a really calculated death, the outrage behind it in my opinion isn’t warranted.

Sure, Palmer was brilliant in the way he got around Zimbabwe’s laws and cruelly killed a high-profile lion. But let’s pause for a minute and think what’s happened in the last month.

In July, five black women have died behind bars. These include, Sandra Bland, Raynetta Turner, Kindra Chapman, Joyce Curnell and Ralkina Jones, please say their names over and over until it sticks.  Let’s not forget the countless black men that die every week at the hands of police. The only ones in outrage seem to be black people who are tired of being used as target practice for angry policemen. It seems as the black women is the new nigger and no one gives a damn about protecting her.

Yet, the police have provided protection for Palmer, celebrities are in tears and Buzzfeed thinks killing a lion is the most cowardly thing you can do.


This tops the list of irony for me. I’m struggling to figure out how a lion is more beautiful than a black woman who didn’t deserve to die. I am not in the business of telling people what they should care about. However, in a case like this try to show the same amount of care for an animal as you do for a human. Almost every week there’s a new video of a police shooting a black person for reasons as small as a traffic violations. Men are given the right to kill an innocent human when they’re given a badge and that doesn’t upset you?

Every time I try to understand the outrage behind Cecil the lion, my mind is flooded by the thought of the police dragging Sandra Bland as if she was a dog or Dylan Roof entering a church and killing innocent people and I get angry. Why is it that Palmer gets protection, Cecil gets global attention and money is raised to stop hunting but NO ONE other than black people and black celebrities seems to give a damn about black lives? We cannot cry over the life of an animal and give no regard to a life of a human.

I am one of  the few that feels nothing for Cecil the lion. In my opinion if Palmer didn’t specifically kill Cecil in the lion then he didn’t actually commit a crime. I instead care more about humans. I do not like the treatment of black people by the police or the media. I’m not a fan of how the treatment of black people go unnoticed yet there’s a global outrage for the killing of a lion.  I can list a number of cowardly things for Buzzfeed to amend its article. I can give celebrities a few issues for them to fake care about. But I cannot give more than a damn about the killing of animals when countless men and women lose their lives everyday at the hands of police.

The death of Cecil angers me but not for the reasons you think.


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