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Lipsticks of June – June 4th

I know, I know, I know, I’m late on yesterday’s lipstick, but it was a crazy day and I ended up taking down my hair, and was late to work so I forgot to take a pic.  But I recreated the look and have one now.  I can’t lie, yesterday I woke up determine to wear a fun lip color since it was the last day of work before a holiday weekend.  I also knew I wanted to wear a bright shirt my boss bought me.  However, after I put my whole outfit on, the color I was drawn to was Ruby Woo, HOWEVER I refused to waste my Ruby Woo on a random Thursday, especially so early in the game.  So I dug through my lipstick bag (yes I have a makeup bag just for lipstick) and decided on a nude.  However, once again, I didn’t want to waste my favorite nude combination (of which I have about three) on a random Thursday.  So I ended up wearing Nyx Slim Lip Pencil in Nutmeg and Covergirl Lipstick in Hypnotic (Covergirl recently re-released their lipsticks with new names so this might be a hard find).  It’s not my favorite nude combination, but it got the job done for a random Thursday.  What’s your favorite nude lipstick or nude lip combination?  I’m always down to try a new nude lip.

PS: I haven’t put on any lipstick yet today because I haven’t gone anywhere – enjoying a lazy holiday.  But I’m going out later so maybe I’ll do a weekend wrap up later.

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