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Lipsticks of June – Final Day = Lipstick Must Have


Today is the last day of June and thereby the last day of my lipstick challenge.  So this has truly been a challenge.  I have worn colors that I bought on a whim and only wore once.  I have worn my favorites is new ways.  I have discovered new lipsticks.  And like any addiction, my collection has increased.  This was a super fun ride, even though I probably wouldn’t challenge myself like again.  Wait, who am I kidding, I’m patiently stalking the #nobarelips30 tag on Instagram waiting for the next season to start so I can participate.

As promised to celebrate the final day, I wore my number one must have lipstick.  The lipstick that truly set me on the path to buying more and more and MORE.  None other than Mac’s Ruby Woo, which truly looks good on 90% of people.  However, I must point out that both my mom and best friend hate it.  On the other hand, it’s the only red lipstick that I think looks good on me.  Ruby Woo, thus far is the only red lipstick I’ll let grace my lips and I even wore a cute outfit and did my makeup & hair to celebrate the fact the I broke out the Ruby Woo on a Tuesday.


After 30 days of wearing a different lipstick every day for an entire month, my lipstick bag isn’t even empty.  I still have 15 lipsticks that went unworn this entire week – although most of them are fall/winter lipsticks so I wouldn’t have worn them even if the challenge extended longer.  30 days definitely didn’t kill my lipstick addiction, just made me love them more.  Stay tuned to see how I’ll be playing in my makeup box next!

My LIPSTICK bag after the challenge.

My LIPSTICK bag after the challenge.

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