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Lipsticks of July – Three the Hard Way

Nyx High Voltage Lipstick in Playdate + Mac Rebel

Nyx High Voltage Lipstick in Playdate + Mac Rebel

After not posting for past three days, I’ve learn my lesson the hard way.  And that lesson was to stay on top of my stuff.  I have been exhausted lately, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be posting.  On Monday, I finally wore a light purple lipstick (Nyx’s High Voltage Lipstick in Playdate) that I bought a while ago but haven’t had the balls to wear yet.  I used Mac’s Rebel which is a favorite of mine to create an ombre effect so I could dial the brightness down a bit.


On Tuesday, I wore a similar combo to what I wore on the very first day of the channel.  In fact, it was almost identical.  It was the other peach color that I debated between when I bout it, and I wore it with the same currant lip pencil.  I can truly say I love them equally, and I’m glad I ended up purchasing both.  The Combo was Nyx’s High Voltage Lipstick in Pink Lady with Nyx’s lip pencil in currant.


Today, I wore the darkest lipstick that I’ve worn thus far and probably will wear.  Generally I don’t like wearing dark lipsticks in the summer but I wore maroon pants, a black tank top and a black & silver blazer, so there was no way I could wear something super bright.  I could have done nude, but I like nude lipstick so much lately that I’m holding out on my favorites because there’s still 13 days to go.  Some day I question myself and my decision to start this challenge because I’m finding some real gems and having to remember them for later.  Moreover, I’m holding out on my favorites in the event I go somewhere special.  Ugh.  Anyway – this challenge is only a few more days, lipstick is forever.  Today I wore Hang-Up by Mac, which is one of my favorite deep shades even though I wear Rebel more often.  What’s your favorite dark lip?  And do you wear dark lips in the summer?

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