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I Took Youtube’s Hair Styling Advice to Style My Mane


Getting your hair done is one of the best things a woman can do for herself. But when your hair is almost to your butt, ridiculously thick and will cost you an arm and a leg – doing it yourself is never a bad idea.

I’ve never been a girly girl.  I’ve never been able to do anything more with my hair other than putting it in a ponytail or my most latest style – a bun. But thanks to Youtube and its dedicated stylists, I was able to take six hours out of my day to look ‘so fresh and so clean’.

Six hours is too much time, especially for me. If I went to a stylist and it took them six hours to do my hair, I would never return and I would write them the worst reviews to prevent anyone from experiencing what I did. But because I was doing it and had never done anything remotely close to this, I was a bit understanding .

I spent most of that time combing through accounts trying to find a simple style that didn’t require much as I can’t do much. Earlier in the week, a friend of mine that is usually responsible for all of my breathtaking styles had tried ‘Loc Knots’ and of course it came out gorgeous. I wanted it but I didn’t know how to do it so after a few days of convincing myself that I could do it, I ventured into the world of the unknown.

It took me a while to sort through the various video tutorials of this style but I found the one. It required no extra tools and she explained it so perfectly that even I could understand.

According to Niyya Tenee she had been doing her hair all day as it is a tedious process. Way to motivate me, Niyaa.

The tutorial says to begin by twisting your hair ensuring that your product is smoothed all the way in. Then measure where you plan on folding your hair over. In other words, take the end of one loc to the middle of the loc and hold it in place, as that is where your loc knot will begin. If that confuses you and it confused me, Niyya recommends the four finger trick. Which is using four fingers away from your scalp to measure where your knot will start; seriously the most brilliant thing ever.  After this has taken place, twist the loc around itself, all the way down to the root then coming back up again. In the video, Niyya’s finger is still in the place where she folded the loc and that creates and hold the loop which is essential for the loc knot. After the twisting you should end up to the tip of the loc, slide the remaining loc into that loop and it will act like a lock and keep it in.

Seriously, I couldn’t believe how easy this was. It was so easy even I could do it which means it’s really easy because I can’t do a lot with hair. After doing about ten test runs, I was ready to start.

It took me ages but finding an easy tutorial convinced me that I could do this. It came out fantastic, locs were sticking out all over the place – I looked crazy but I did it and I wore it with pride. Just kidding, it dropped after a few days and I was motivated more by the fact that I was going to have amaze balls curls after it came out.

Thank you, Youtube and Niyya for helping me create a fabulous hairstyle all on my own!

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