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Introducing the Sex Toy That Gets You Pregnant

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Introducing a sex toy, like no other…literally.

The Semenette, described as being even better than the real thing is a novelty sex toy which mimics what heterosexual sex would feel like.

According to the creator, Stephanie Berman the idea for the sex toy materialized when she and her wife were attempting to conceive.

“I often talk about when I attempted to inseminate my wife pre-Semenette, how I needed at least four sets of hands, as my two hands just weren’t enough.  I was trying to manipulate a syringe, lube and flashlight, all while trying to find my wife’s cervix – and well, there just weren’t enough hands available for me to do that properly!”

“We knew right away that we did not want to go to a doctor’s office, so the only options available were using needle-less syringes and turkey basters,” said Berman.

This is a reality most lesbian couples face and the Semenette seeks to give women the power to conceive without the presence of a man.

“It’s about empowering women to feel like they can do this process at home, with their partner or as a single woman, without the presence of the “parts” of a cisgender man in the room,” said Berman.

“We wanted women to feel like procreation didn’t require a man in the physical or sexual sense and that’s what was “better than the real thing.”


How it Works

Although the Semenette seeks to give women the power in the situation, the task cannot be completed without some help of a man. Semen is of course required for the process to actually work and once it is obtained the process is simple.

“To use the toy, you would obtain your specimen or liquid, thread the tubing through the toy, attach the custom tip to the top and the luer lock and bulb to the end, put the tip of the tubing into the liquid, use the bulb to draw up the liquid, pull the tubing down and lock the tip into place so that it is flush with the head of the dildo and proceed to use.”

“When you’re ready to expel the liquid it’s another simple press of the bulb which will release the liquid,” explained Berman.

The instructional video can be found here.


If the Semenette is an option for you, we encourage you to do your research. It is less about eliminating the man and more about giving you the power in your situation. Of course there are other ways to conceive but the Semenette gives you the intimacy and the romance to do so.

For more information, visit The Semenette.

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