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Interactive Game Confronts Sexual Assault

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If you have trouble understanding the realities of sexual assault, then you should play Freshman Year.

Freshman Year which is an autobiographical vignette game, follows Nina as she heads to the bar to meet a friend. As Nina moves through her evening, you get to make decisions for her every step of the way.

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In the game, Nina gets ready to go out with her friend Jenna who has invited her to the bar. Nina’s friend doesn’t arrive on time, leaving you with choices of what to do next. Regardless of your choices Nina ends up being sexually assaulted. The reactions in the game also reflect those of Nina’s friends that night.

“Jenna’s response in the game is a pretty good summary of how my friends reacted. No one was surprised, as he was a known creep,” Freshman told Suburban Sassy.

Freshman Year sends a powerful message that no one is exempt from sexual abuse as it can happen to anyone for no particular reason. Ironically, as you make Nina’s decision for her the game shows you that there is no choice in sexual assault, it just happens.

Freeman hopes that women will begin to share their personal experiences with sexual abuse.

“We’re all individuals and each case of abuse should be treated with care as such. However, I hope that more women in the future also start to share their personal experiences with sexual abuse because we are not open enough about it as a society. This hush-hush attitude is what protects predators and hurts victims.”

Check out the game.


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