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#Imnoangel Campaign Shows What Sexy Really Is


After the not so subtle shade Lane Bryant delivered to Victoria’s Secret with its new campaign it’s safe to say the score is now 1-0, Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant has just launched an amazing campaign starring women of all shapes and sizes and it’s called the #ImNoAngel campaign.

According to the press release, the #ImNoAngel movement invites the world to celebrate women of all sizes by redefining what it means to be sexy.

“Our #ImNoAngel campaign is designed to empower ALL women to love every part of herself,” said Lane Bryant CEO & President, Linda Heasley.

At a time where the term “plus-size’ is being heavily debated, this campaign launches at the perfect time. Not only does it slash down the belief that sexy is confined to a certain size but it is encouraging diversity and involvement.


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