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The Best Gift Guide for Women

Women almost never know what they want. Why would Christmas be any different?

Gift Guide (1)

Dear Men or Women, shopping for women can be a fistful of emotions and usually not the good ones. Don’t fret though, not only will we give you suggestions but we will also tell you how to shop for women.

The first step in shopping for women is:

  1. Evaluate the relationship: If it’s a new relationship and you aren’t sure of the future, save your pockets. Don’t go overboard unless you have an inkling that she is the one. Aim for small, thoughtful and something that reflects her personality. If it’s a serious relationship – go wild. It will be appreciated.
  2. Do you know the woman?: If you purchased something that supported her, would she be thrilled or ungrateful? Support her, help her build her empire. Think about the gift, you do not want to mess this up. Be thoughtful!If she’s an avid wine drinker, consider a wine making class or a wine tour in Niagara.
  3. We love surprises!: Well some of us, some women prefer a little less excitement in their lives. If she’s unpredictable, call her friends or family. You definitely do not want to do eeny meeny miny moe, Christmas is pretty much equivalent to Valentines. Do you want to be single the next month?
  4. Present it: Wrap it or hide it – do whatever you think is cool. What you shouldn’t do is just give it to her, unwrapped and without a thought in mind.
  5. Read our gift guide: By women for women. We’re not going to steer you wrong. Sometimes all you need to do is trust.

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