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Sassy Find: Patent Boots

We’d like to remind you, while you’re out buying your boots in bulk to remember a pair of patent boots.

It’s sweater season which means it is also boots season, which means that it’s also the season for your credit card to max out. See what we did there?

Short boots, tall boots, booties, shiny boots – what’s not to like about boots? Did we mention that the 2014 collections for Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Miu Miu all include patent boots? Surely, this is a sign that your closet should include it as well!

If we convinced you, here are a few of our favorite patent boots. Happy Shopping!!


Eternal Half Boot – Louis Vuitton


Patent Ankle-Boot with Low Heel


Horsebit-detailed patent -leather ankle boots – Gucci


Leather horsebit knee boot

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