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Sassy Find: Nude Lips for Brown Girls

Who doesn’t love yummy lipsticks?

My journey into lipstick has been a fun one, but admittedly I have a comfort zone and that comfort zone is pinks and plums and my trusted Ruby Woo.  However, starting this summer I wanted to change my lipsticks with the season and I knew that meant that fall would include a nude lip.  I have always shied away from nude lips because I hate chalky lipsticks – that’s why I refuse to buy Candy Yum Yum even though I like bright pink lips.  Nonetheless, I was hopeful when it came to finding the perfect nude lip.

Before going on my hunt for the perfect nude lip, I did my research.  I googled nude lips for brown girls, and women of color and anything else I could think of to find nudes that would be good for me.  After reading countless beauty blogs, it seemed that most listed Siss and Fresh Brew by MAC as go to nudes for brown girls, so I knew I would try those first.



(Top – Fresh Brew; Bottom – Siss)

However, the Mac store closest to me didn’t have Siss which is the one I actually wanted to try the most.

So I tried Fresh Brew and pretty much every other nude they had, with not much success.  After a great deal of trying colors, a MAC associate asked if I needed help and first I turned it down thinking ‘I do this all the time, try and try until I find one I like’.  But she really wanted to help, so after a while I graciously accepted her offer for help.  I told her what I was looking for and just like all of the blogs, she suggested Fresh Brew.  She told me that it would look really pretty on me, and even though I had tried Fresh Brew earlier and liked it but didn’t love it, I picked it up again.

This time though, she suggested I try it with Chestnut lip liner and once I did that, it immediately became a winner for me.  So I’m a brown girl that has found her perfect nude lip.  I do still want to try Siss though.

This search for a nude lip gave me a lesson in trusting the MAC girls.  They’re there for a reason, and it’s because they know their stuff.  Not only did she recommend the same lipstick that all of the beauty blogs did, but she made it look better.  So if you’re on the hunt for a lipstick and MAC is your go to place, I definitely recommend asking for help.

Now I know not everyone wants or has the means to spend $34 on lipstick ($16 for the lipstick, $16 for the lip liner + tax), so I went to CVS to check out some Covergirl nudes as well.

CVS usually has Covergirl makeup buy one, get one half off and I happened to have a coupon for $2.50 off of any Covergirl purchase of $10 so I figured I could buy 2 to try.  I ended up buying Hypnotic and Creme.  My total ended up being $11.16 with coupons, so this was most definitely a Sassy Find.  Individually the lipsticks are usually $8.29 so two of them are about the same price as one lipstick from Mac.




(Top – Hypnotic; Bottom – Creme)

Unfortunately you can’t try drug store lipsticks on in the store like you can at the Mac counter, but the two colors I chose ended up being likable.

Hypnotic was an instant hit, one I can swipe on easily with no liner – which is a plus since my Mac nude is a two-step process.  It was perfectly brown with just a hint of shimmer.  Creme, however, was a little too light for my taste.  I thought maybe I could try it with the Chestnut lip liner from Mac since that turned Fresh Brew from a maybe to a definitely, but it made it too dark for me and gave me all sorts of 90s makeup feel.  I think the combination could be a hit for those who like that style, it just wasn’t for me.

After researching and hunting, I have found 2 nude lipsticks prefect for Brown Girls, or at least perfect for me.  Fresh Brew from Mac (+/- Chestnut lip liner) and Hypnotic from Covergirl.  They’re not chalky and perfectly brown and I couldn’t be happier.  I have 2 new lipsticks to add to my lipstick collection and wear this fall.  And in the meantime, I’ll figure out some way to make the second lipstick from Covergirl work.

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