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Tampon Run is the Coolest Game of the Year

Can you get your significant other to have a conversation about your Aunt Flow? Most men would rather swallow rusty nails dipped in bleach than have this uncomfortable, bloody conversation.

For most women, every month brings that dreadful reminder that you are still a female, and this only includes women who have regular periods. Without getting dirtier than intended, we’ll just agree that as annoying as periods are they’re a normal part of women lives. Yet, periods are a big taboo that everyone would rather not speak about.

Thankfully, two high-school girls, Andy and Sophie intend to change that with their incredibly awesome game termed Tampon Run.

tampon run

The pair met at a summer program called Girls Who Code which is a national non-profit organization that seeks to close the gender gap in technology and engineering sectors. Andy shared her intentions of creating a feminist video game but one which stirred up social change; in response Sophie joked about creating a main character who threw tampons at enemies and after brainstorming, magic was created.

According to Sophie, the menstrual taboo isn’t new to them.

“Both of us have experienced the menstrual taboo first hand. Menstruation is not weird or gross, or at least we think it shouldn’t be.

The girls had no idea how popular Tampon Run would be and were more than surprised  the morning after launching the game.

“We woke up the morning after launching Tampon Run and saw it had exploded. People were tweeting and writing articles about it, I didn’t realize how time-consuming it would be to deal with all the attention. But we’re grateful,” said Andy.

Requests for a Tampon Run 2 are already pouring in but the girls are not done making additions to the first game, as yet.

However, a mobile version is expected to be released shortly.

Thank you, Andy and Sophie for giving us the power to throw tampons at little men!

tampon run1

Visit Tampon Run and relieve some stress!

Photo Credit: Tampon Run


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