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Sweater Weather is Better

Fall has a tricky way of sneaking in. One day it’s hot outside and the malls are completely filled with short shorts and crop tops then suddenly a sweater sneaks in the pile, followed by the occasional boot. Before you know it, scarves are hanging where the shorts would normally be..

Guess it’s official, summer is gone. But, if you ask us fall is the best season, after summer of course. It’s the season we can buy tons of sweaters, scarves and boots without being judged.

This fall, we want you to be prepared for the sweater styles or you can just ignore it and wear whatever you want.

5 Sweater Styles You Can't Miss This Fall

A L C striped shirt
290 CAD –
Striped and cropped, what else are you looking for? Gold from a polka dot monkey? In any event, every women should have a long-sleeved crop top. This style shouldn’t disappear when the season disappears. Think about it.

IRO long sleeve sweater
210 CAD –
Why not? You can dress Italian, look Canadian and drink like an Irish, if you choose

NIC ZOE pullover sweater
140 CAD – nicandzoe.comSometimes, we as women concentrate on looking trendy before being warm. With pullovers, we can do both and still look flawless. Are you guilty of overdressing? A pullover sweater this season is just what you need to tone your outfit down.

Boohoo flat top
33 CAD – boohoo.comRemember last fall when every store had an Aztec sweater? You and every Becky from around the way rocked the same sweater and I’m sure you looked fantastic. But that’s the thing with trends, when they leave you can still rock the hell out of it. While Becky may have moved on to cat sweaters, you can keep warm at a cheaper price than last fall.

White shirt
32 CAD – etsy.comNo matter what year we’re in, over-sized sweaters should always be your go-to sweater. They’re comfy, they have that “I rock” look and the messages are hilarious. You can wake up like “this”, be someone’s bae or even love unicorns. Okay, that was a stretch but seriously these sweaters can be worn off either shoulder or worn centered for a peek of both shoulders. How many sweaters unless they’re reversible gives you that many options? Don’t answer that.

Regardless of which sweater style you rock, remember it’s important to look good but more important to be warm!
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