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Sassy Find: Power Pod 360

There’s something about your favorite song that you need to hear it wherever, whenever and on whatever device you can get your hands on.


That’s the problem with music, we just need to hear it as loud as we can. It makes us feel invincible and in touch with our ninja side. If this describes you, then Power Pod 360 is just for you.

Power Pod 360 allows you to turn anything and we repeat anything into a speaker. How it works is, you can rest it on anything and the vibrations transfer to the item you rest it on and it becomes a speaker. Your kitchen table, beer cooler, Styrofoam or even your pizza box can become a speaker with the help of this mini speaker.

Amazing device, isn’t it?

Available at Froobi – $29.99

Photo Credit: Power Pod 360 & Youtube

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