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Sassy Find: iKettle

Most days, we wish for an app that makes our coffee while we stay in bed. After all, who doesn’t yearn for a few more minutes?

ikettle1 ikettle2 ikettle3

While the new iKettle won’t quite make your coffee, it will certainly boil your kettle and welcome you home by asking if you’d like to turn the kettle on. Seriously, who is the genius that came up with this?

iKettle, the world’s first WiFi kettle completes your life and assists you in embracing the lazy-bone that won’t go away. It even acts as a wake up call, asking if you’d like the kettle on! How awesome is that?

If being lazy interests you at all, even if for an extra ten minutes in bed – then this is for you.

Available at Firebox – $179.26 CAD

Photo Credit: Firebox

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