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As far as Instagram trends go, we tend to love them. But this one simply stole our hearts and disposed the key.

As women, we tend to have body issues. Some days we aren’t fit enough, or we’re bloated and our trousers don’t fit right or sometimes we just don’t feel beautiful. Whatever it is, every woman has been there. Every woman has been through a period in her life when the mirror was her worst enemy.

Which explains our admiration for the new Instagram trend #LoveYourLines. It brings light to the subject of stretch marks and encourages women to love the skin they’re in, regardless of these marks. Too often, we find ourselves willing to hide what makes us beautiful, when we should be celebrating the changes our body has been through.

The Instagram account @loveyourlines is trying to change the way you feel about your stretch marks. Behind @loveyourlines are two mothers asking others to showcase parts of their body which can serve as inspiration to others.

Already the Instagram account has over 15k followers and 84 posts. Join the movement today and inspire other women to love every single fiber of their body!


Photos Courtesy of Instagram

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