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Suburban Sassy Music Spotlight : Chase Fernander



Photo Cred: Chase Fernander/FDot Photography

Photo Cred: Chase Fernander/FDot Photography

 With  her newly released single “Pussi” pounding from many a speaker, Chase transforms into a Nicki Minaj x Missy Elliott-esque rapper exuding a personal style that screams Harlem x South Beach chic with an island flair. She is a female rapper in her own right, exuding confidence and sex appeal in every line, hook and rhyme. Her lyrical prowess takes command and has many asking  with a bug-eyed, jaw-dropped expression, “where did you come from”? She is suburban, sassy and the REAL DEAL.

    So pick up your jaw, here are some STATS:

    Name: Chase Fernander

    Age: 27 aka GROWN WOMAN

    Place of Origin: Born in Nassau, Raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

  1. Accolades: Fidelity Bank Commercial “No Worries” collaboration with Daynez
  2. Hit Single “Pussi”
  3. Upcoming Mixtape entitled “Necessary”



Photo Cred: Chase Fernander/FDot Photography


Suburban Sassy got together with this up and coming artist who revealed info about her musical journey and  inspirations, style picks and just a little bit about Chase.


Photo Cred: Chase Fernander/Chris Martin, Austin Tx


SS: So I love the new single! What line in “Pussi” do you think personifies who Chase is?

Chase: Nothing in the song I would say “personifies” who I am, however “I don’t trust these n*@&!z” is the closest hahahahaha.

SS: What is currently on repeat in your iTunes?

CF: That’s a tough one! Haha. Honestly, I’ve been working so much over the past year or so that the only music I’ve really been able to listen to has been songs that I’m working on for an upcoming project or songs that I would have to learn for either of my live bands. I listen to everything though. My playlist is ever changing.

SS: What made you begin your journey in music?

CF: Well, thanks to my father (a former Rock and Roll drummer) music has been my passion since I was a kid. He was the first to introduce real LIVE music to me; the sort of music that you create rather than emulate.

SS: So what’s happening in Chase’s world? What are you working on and what should the fans expect to see?

CF: Currently, I have released the first single from my upcoming mix tape. The song is entitled “Pussi”. I am working on my very first mix tape entitled #Necessary. I’m super excited about it. It’s very fun, very bold, very real and extremely relatable.  My team and I have a ton of things planned for this summer both locally and internationally, BUT, I cannot elaborate any further at this time #StayTuned 😉

SS: How would you describe your sound using just one hashtag?

CF: #AMostAmazinglylRefreshingSoundNecessaryForTheMindBodyAndSoulYourEarsWillThankMeLater lol #TripleB
SS: Scenario: You get your first big break and the opportunity to record a single with any artist of your choice. Who would it be and why?

CF: Oh boy… I really don’t think I could choose just one. There are so many artists in the game that I respect individually for different reasons. Also, I’m a very diverse kind of artist. I love, write, perform and appreciate all genres of music, so choosing one artist would be quite a difficult task. I WILL say, however, that B.O.B and T-Pain are in my top 7

SS: Ok…personal style? Are you more of a heels or J’s kinda girl?

CF: J’s and combat boots all day. I like to be comfortable ALL THE TIME cuz I like to have fun and dance and move around. But, like most females, I’m a shoe fanatic. So I will rock some heels when I’m feeling myself lol

SS: Tats or piercings?

CF: Tats.

IMG_3595 (1)

Photo Cred: Chase Fernander/FDot Photography

SS: Name 1 thing that sets you apart from the masses. Or in other words what makes Chase stand out?

CF: I don’t know. I just do me! I don’t care about what others are doing or what’s hot or what people want to hear. I just make music. I have fun with it and I do what makes ME happy. I do it for my love of music and nothing more.
SS: Name 1 artist that gives you LIFE!

CF: Judah tha Lion

SS: Quote any lyric from any song (yours or another artist’s) that can sum up what Chase Fernander is all about and what she wants to become.

CF: …every day I wake to this music. It’s a slow race so I’m pacin’ I’m cruisin’. Victory awaits me its soothin’, here in 1st place where have you been? Probably over there with the deuces. It aint no new that’s I do’s dis….” – Dear John- Chase Fernander 😉




Check Chase’s new single here:

We love it!

Plus for more info on Chase and her music:



Visit Chase’s Website



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