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The Best Fish Taco Award Goes To….

Fish and tacos are typically not a good concept, at least in one’s mind.

Until you try it, then it becomes the best combination known to man. Well, if this concept made sense before you had your first one, then you’ll love Harpers Landing Restaurant & Bar, fish tacos.

What makes them so good to a fish taco beginner? Well when I first tried fish tacos, I was skeptical. But instead of Basa fish fillets, I tried catfish tacos and on top of it was this spicy pineapple sauce and it tasted like God hand-delivered it to me. That’s when I knew if anyone came close to this life changing experience, they would be crowned.

If you’re still not convinced, try it. When you arrive, insist that you be served by Ryan Gosling’s lookalike, then order The Yacht Club  and the fish tacos. If Ryan’s lookalike doesn’t distract you completely, the fish tacos will take over your life. Sassy promise!

Harper’s Landing Restaurant & Bar. 481 Cornwall Road.
(905) 338-0707

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